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5. User Experience & Promotion [clear filter]
Monday, April 3

10:00am CDT

S002 - Digital Badges: A Tool for More Than Micro-credentialing
Digital badges capture the “soft skills” employers value. This presentation will describe two academic libraries' efforts in implementing digital badge programs outside the traditional classroom environment. One program focused on digital badges promoting library programming, while the other offered badges through the Graduate College in collaboration with campus support services.

avatar for Victor Baeza

Victor Baeza

Director of Library Graduate Services, Oklahoma State University

Cinthya Ippoliti

Oklahoma State University Libraries

Monday April 3, 2017 10:00am - 10:45am CDT
Room 202

10:00am CDT

S005 - Marketing Your Library’s Digital Resources
Social media, newsletters, events — librarians are constantly called on to market their collections. In this session, librarians who specialize in marketing resources will walk through the outline, goals and objectives of an actionable marketing plan. From simple ideas to out-of-the-box promotion, attendees will come away with ideas to implement immediately.

avatar for Clint Chamberlain

Clint Chamberlain

Regional Sale Manager, HARRASSOWITZ
avatar for Eleonora Dubicki

Eleonora Dubicki

Monmouth University Library

Monday April 3, 2017 10:00am - 10:45am CDT
Room 301

10:00am CDT

S006 - The Cosmography of Discovery: Integration, Student Perceptions, and Information Design
This panel will demonstrate the effects of discovery tool implementation on student research expectations and perceptions across several libraries at a multi-campus, urban, public university. Using qualitative and quantitative data that focuses on the user, we will present how discovery adoption impacts students and informs library services and information design.

avatar for Nora Almeida

Nora Almeida

Writer & Librarian, New York City College of Technology of the City University of New York
Nora Almeida is a volunteer at Interference Archive, an all-volunteer, collectively run archive of social movement ephemera. The mission of Interference Archive is to explore the relationship between cultural production and social movements through public programs, exhibitions, and... Read More →
avatar for Helen Georgas

Helen Georgas

Reference and Instruction Librarian, Brooklyn College, CUNY
avatar for Alexandra Hamlett

Alexandra Hamlett

Information Literacy Librarian, Guttman Community College, CUNY

Monday April 3, 2017 10:00am - 10:45am CDT
Room 201

1:30pm CDT

S015-02 - Library News Hubs: Centralized Marketing for Decentralized Outreach
Library users occupy a variety of online spaces, but how can your marketing reach them all? This presentation details the ways the University of Missouri Libraries have streamlined communications platforms and workflows. Topics include organizing sites, building team structures, standardizing direct emails, automating social media and assessing online outreach.

avatar for Grace Atkins

Grace Atkins

Outreach & Open Education Librarian, University of Missouri- Columbia
avatar for Kelli Hansen

Kelli Hansen

Special Collections Librarian, University of Missouri Libraries
I'm interested in outreach, social media, and all things digital. I post for my library at @MUSpecColl on Twitter and muspeccoll.tumblr.com. You can also find me on Twitter @BiblioKelli.

Monday April 3, 2017 1:30pm - 1:45pm CDT
Room 203

1:45pm CDT

S015-03 - #TheStruggleIsReal: How to Maintain Positive Social Media Engagement with your Community Even When They’re Saying Things You Don’t Want to Hear
Social media is an online conversation with your community. But sometimes that conversation can be unpredictable. How do you maintain positive engagement during trying times? Learn how two academic libraries have implemented strategies for engaging in consistently positive conversation with their respective campus communities.

avatar for Grace Atkins

Grace Atkins

Outreach & Open Education Librarian, University of Missouri- Columbia
avatar for Alyssa Guzman

Alyssa Guzman

Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Texas at Austin

Monday April 3, 2017 1:45pm - 2:00pm CDT
Room 203

2:15pm CDT

S021-01 - Promote Accessibility, Provide Access: Library best practices for electronic resource accessibility
Most vendor licensed electronic resources cannot be effectively accessed with assistive technologies used by people with print disabilities. This session will give library professionals the tools to change this situation in the long term, through everyday advocacy, and work around it in the short term, with responsible institutional practices.


Stephanie Rosen

Accessibility Specialist, University of Michigan
Stephanie Rosen promotes the accessibility of scholarship, publishing, and teaching in her work as Accessibility Specialist at University of Michigan Library. Her background is in teaching and media organizing in the areas of queer, feminist, and disability thought. She has worked... Read More →

Monday April 3, 2017 2:15pm - 2:30pm CDT
Room 203

2:30pm CDT

S021-02 - Metadata Madness: How a federal library corralled its metadata to increase access to the Library’s collection through the Summon discovery layer and other venues like Google Scholar, PubMed Central, and Internet Archive.
Learn how a federal library used MarcEdit, XSLT scripting, and API's to manipulate metadata and accurately map to the discovery interface. We will discuss how we corralled content from different silos and how we made it discoverable through a single search.

avatar for Briget Wynne, MLS

Briget Wynne, MLS

Librarian, National Institute of Standards and Technology
avatar for Marilyn White

Marilyn White

E-resource librarian, NIST
I am interested in e-resources and systems that manage them. I'm interested in what others are doing to manage tech services and workflows. I'd love to hear what others are doing in the area of usage assessment and using new tools in this area. Also interested in cataloging and... Read More →

Monday April 3, 2017 2:30pm - 2:45pm CDT
Room 203

3:30pm CDT

S025 - Every eBook its Reader: Six Best Practices for eBook Marketing and Discovery from High Usage Libraries
The Carolina Consortium conducted interviews with ten member libraries that have high eBook usage, and through this, developed six best practices for eBook discovery and marketing. Come learn about these best practices through case studies from the selected libraries.  Attendees will leave the session with practical solutions for increasing usage.

avatar for Kate Hill

Kate Hill

Library Services Engineer, EBSCO

Monday April 3, 2017 3:30pm - 4:15pm CDT
Room 101

3:30pm CDT

S026 - Collaborative Promotion: Vendor Marketing to Patrons
Flip your perspective on library marketing! Instead of allowing vendors to market their products to only librarians, let's encourage them to promote their resources to library patrons. This practical session will provide tips to open the conversation with vendors and collaborate on inspired promotional materials and events.

Monday April 3, 2017 3:30pm - 4:15pm CDT
Room 202

3:30pm CDT

S030 - When It Breaks: Minimizing and Mitigating System and User Errors in eResources
System and user errors are inevitable. Unfortunately, eResource error messages provide pain points in usability. This presentation will describe how the SUNY College of Optometry conducted a tandem availability-usability study to identify common system and user errors and developed work-arounds to ameliorate the frustration involved with encountering these errors.


Jill Locascio

Digital and Technical Services Librarian, SUNY College of Optometry

Monday April 3, 2017 3:30pm - 4:15pm CDT
Room 201
Tuesday, April 4

8:00am CDT

S038 - APPlatform for Discovery: Building a Unique Experience through Discovery Apps
What does your discovery platform do for your library? From apps that pull in digital collections content to user interaction tools like chat services, it is possible to build an experience your users will love…and increase library engagement that your administration will value. See how libraries have unlocked their potential.

avatar for Eric Frierson

Eric Frierson

Sr. Director, Field Engineering, EBSCO
Hey! I'm the team lead for library services engineering and integration for EBSCO. This means I can answer any question you might have about integrating EDS or the EDS API into your library and campus. I'm also a developer, building applications that use our API in outside-of-the-box... Read More →

Lynne Grigsby

Head, Library IT, UC Berkeley Library
avatar for Roen Janyk

Roen Janyk

Web Services Librarian, Okanagan College
Roën Janyk is the Web Services Librarian and Library Department Chair at Okanagan College. She has a keen interest in improving and adapting library user services. Roën has independently and collaboratively presented and published on numerous occasions, discussing topics such as... Read More →
avatar for Sarah Stang

Sarah Stang

Web Services Librarian, Okanagan College
I'm an academic librarian but I work more with computers and IT than books. I also spend my time as an information consultant helping startups and small businesses make evidence-based decisions. When I'm not doing any of these things you'll find me on a plane to anywhere!

Tuesday April 4, 2017 8:00am - 8:45am CDT
Room 204

8:00am CDT

S041 - “How do I know if it’s useful if I can’t even get it to open?”: Assessing Usability to Improve Electronic Resources & Collections and Services
The usability of electronic resources greatly impacts their use and usefulness to library patrons. This session discusses method and results of two recent usability studies of ebooks and streaming media. Learn how to facilitate better collection development decisions and improved patron support by incorporating usability assessment into library operations. 

avatar for Erin Johanna DeWitt Miller, MLIS

Erin Johanna DeWitt Miller, MLIS

Head, Media Library, University of North Texas

Tuesday April 4, 2017 8:00am - 8:45am CDT
Salon D/E

9:00am CDT

S043-01 - Comparing use and usability of ebooks with near-at-hand pbooks
This research asks college seniors, who have had several years of exposure to EBSCO academic ebooks, to do several brief tasks using those ebooks: searching for and identifying passages or chapters and saving them for later use.  The researchers will observe the student behavior and follow up with qualitative questions.

avatar for John Wiswell

John Wiswell

Health Sciences Librarian, Appalachian State University
Faculty and student information behavior. Journals and publishing. Evidence, "evidence-based," evidence synthesis. Health sciences and health.

Tuesday April 4, 2017 9:00am - 9:15am CDT
Room 203

9:00am CDT

S046 - It's Personal! One-size Discovery Does Not Fit All.
Panel of 3 ARL libraries will highlight the customized implementations of their respective discovery services and discuss the need for flexibility in discovery to meet institutional goals as well as the needs of diverse users. Panel will discuss trends in discovery UX related to APIs, vendor interfaces, and user personalization.

avatar for Jesse Koennecke

Jesse Koennecke

Director, Acquisitions & E-Resource Licensing, Cornell University
Ask me about Battledecks@ER&L!
avatar for Jacquie Samples

Jacquie Samples

Head, Metadata & Discovery Strategy Department, Duke University Libraries
Jacquie Samples is Head of the Metadata & Discovery Strategy Department in the Technical Services Division at Duke University Libraries. Prior to that, she was the team lead for Electronic Resources & Serials Cataloging from 2011 to 2016. Previously, she worked at North Carolina State... Read More →
avatar for Rachel Vacek

Rachel Vacek

Head of Design & Discovery, University of Michigan Library
Rachel Vacek manages the Design & Discovery department that provides development, design, content strategy, user research, digital accessibility expertise, and UX strategy across the entire University of Michigan Library web presence. She has previously worked at the University of... Read More →

Tuesday April 4, 2017 9:00am - 9:45am CDT
Salon A/B

10:00am CDT

S050 - Resource Access and the User Experience: Exploring ways to improve security and authentication for services and content
This session explores user impact in evaluating and transitioning between authentication services.  Presenters will discuss potential alternatives to IP-based-authentication and describe pilot testing of alternatives among publisher, vendor systems, and library partners.  Also covered will be one library’s move to Shibboleth and how front-line service and resulting concerns were managed.

avatar for Todd Carpenter

Todd Carpenter

Executive Director, NISO

Heather Flanagan

Spherical Cow Consulting

Robert Kelshian

Director of Access Services, American University Library
Rob Kelshian has been with the University Library since 1999. As the Director of the Access Services Division, he oversees Circulation Services, Course Reserves, Technology Services, Interlibrary Services, and Media Services. Rob has served in various roles within both the Washington... Read More →
avatar for Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Circulation Services Manager, American University Library

Tuesday April 4, 2017 10:00am - 10:45am CDT
Room 204

11:00am CDT

S058 - Optimizing E-Resources for Search Engines, Social Media Networks, & Teaching: Being in the Right Places at the Right Times
Project Open SESMO (Open Search Engine & Social Media Optimization) is a highly-successful and innovative effort by Montana State University to optimize our electronic resources for discovery by our users via search engines & social media networks.  Additionally, we optimized our e-resources for those users already at the library’s website.

avatar for Hannah Mckelvey

Hannah Mckelvey

Electronic Resources & Discovery Services Librarian, Montana State University Library
Hannah McKelvey is an Assistant Professor and Electronic Resources & Discovery Services Librarian at MSU Library in Bozeman, Montana.
avatar for Doralyn Rossmann

Doralyn Rossmann

Head of Digital Library Initiatives, Montana State University
I am exploring the use of virtual reality in teaching and research environments. Let us talk about the possibilities together!

Tuesday April 4, 2017 11:00am - 11:45am CDT
Salon A/B

1:15pm CDT

S064 - Electronic Resource Containers: How accurately are students able to distinguish between the various packaging of online information?
What does it mean to be format agnostic? Our IMLS-funded project studies the user experiences of primary through graduate students using simulated online search results. We seek to discover how students identify containers when selecting digital resources for academic use, and how their judgments influence their evaluation of online information.

avatar for Amy Buhler

Amy Buhler

Engineering Librarian, University of Florida
My research interests are assessment of information seeking behaviors, library instruction, and marketing of library services.
avatar for Lynn Connaway

Lynn Connaway

OCLC Research
avatar for Tara Tobin Cataldo, MLS

Tara Tobin Cataldo, MLS

Science Collections Coordinator, University of Florida
I am the Collections Coordinator at UF's Marston Science Library and subject specialist in the Biological and Life Sciences. I have been an academic librarian for 17 years and my research interests include information seeking behavior and usage patterns of library collections.

Rachael Elrod, MEd, MSLS

University of Florida
avatar for Ixchel M Faniel PhD

Ixchel M Faniel PhD

Research Scientist, OCLC
My interests include improving how people discover, access and use/reuse content. I'm currently examining how academics manage, share and reuse research data and librarians’ experiences designing and delivering supportive research data management programs. I'm also investigating... Read More →

Randy Graff, PhD

University of Florida
avatar for Dr. Joyce Valenza

Dr. Joyce Valenza

Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Joyce Valenza has been studying and writing about young people, technology and information fluency for more than twenty years. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University’s Master of Information program. For ten years, Joyce wrote the techlife@school column for... Read More →

Tuesday April 4, 2017 1:15pm - 2:00pm CDT
Salon A/B

3:15pm CDT

S077 - Distinctive Discovery: Multiple Approaches to Single Search
The appeal of a single search box is straightforward: provide students a user-friendly interface that searches many resources, and helps direct students to additional library resources. Join us to see how libraries leverage APIs to maximize their offerings and explore what challenges remain to deliver the best possible user experience.


David Edwards

VP, Software Services, EBSCO Information Services

Andrew Parker

University of Alabama
avatar for Rose Reynolds

Rose Reynolds

Head of Collection Development and Management, Smith College
I'm interested in data informed decisions making, diversification and inclusivity in collections, and sustainable collections models.

Steven Turner

Manager, Web Technologies and Development, University of Alabama
Hi - I am a relatively new manager in a new area for our library (as it is in many) - my interests are varied, but I am fascinated by how people use the web, and how behavior past behavior can predict future actions.

Tuesday April 4, 2017 3:15pm - 4:00pm CDT
Room 301

4:15pm CDT

S086 - Moving from “Present” to “Relevant”: Calculating, Driving and Contextualizing Impact
The approach of libraries to resource assessment is currently seeing a major shift in focus from use to impact. This presentation features a filmmaker, student, librarian, and distributor and covers the results of industry research, data analysis, and user experiments into the latest impact metrics, engagement tools, and benchmarking methodologies.

avatar for Ellen Brodsky

Ellen Brodsky

New Day Films
Filmmaker, Screening LGBTQ youth film on Saturday, also staffing the New Day Films Table in exhibition hall - come enter our free raffle!
avatar for Lea Currie

Lea Currie

Head of Content Development, University of Kansas Libraries
Lea Currie has been the head of Content Development at the University of Kansas Libraries since 2008 and employed with the Libraries in other positions since 1999. Lea’s principal role in her current position is to manage the collection development budget, review and analyze collections... Read More →
avatar for Tom Humphrey

Tom Humphrey

COO, Kanopy
Tom has a passion for film and firmly believes in its role in education and its power to impact and engage. At ER&L 2015, he co-delivered a presentation entitled "True Impact: Moving the conversation about impact beyond “usage” to assessing real educational outcomes" (with the... Read More →

Tuesday April 4, 2017 4:15pm - 5:00pm CDT
Salon A/B
Wednesday, April 5

8:30am CDT

S092 - Users’ Choice: Ebook Platforms
This session will explore how inconsistencies across academic ebook platforms impact the user experience. The presenters will share results from usability tests that examined the same ebook on multiple platforms to gage user expectations and identify preferences. We will offer suggestions for improvements based on our results.


Esta Tovstiadi

E-Resources Librarian, University of Colorado Boulder Libraries
Esta Tovstiadi is the Electronic Resources Librarian at the University of Colorado Boulder. Previously, she was employed by the University of Kentucky Libraries. She received a Master’s in Library Science and a Bachelor’s in History from the University of Kentucky.
avatar for Gabrielle Wiersma

Gabrielle Wiersma

Director of Scholarly Resource Development, University of Colorado Boulder

Wednesday April 5, 2017 8:30am - 9:15am CDT
Room 301

9:30am CDT

S096 - Purposeful empathy towards better processes and products
We’re here to serve users, yet we often fail to empathize and appreciate how they think and work. Recognizing when to incorporate empathy into our teams and design processes is important. Join our session for an opportunity to have an open discussion on utilizing empathy and recognizing its limitations.

avatar for Craig Boman

Craig Boman

Applications Support Specialist and Interim Digital Projects Coordinator, University of Dayton
Systems librarian, guitarist, introvert, and 2016 ALA Emerging Leader. Ph.D student in Higher Ed leadership.
avatar for Whitni Watkins

Whitni Watkins

Web Systems Engineer, Analog Devices, Inc
Web Systems Engineer at Analog Devices, Inc. in MA. Pianist. Colored jeans enthusiast. Lefty. Drives a MINI named Sebastian.

Wednesday April 5, 2017 9:30am - 10:15am CDT
Room 202

9:30am CDT

S099 - How well do you know your students? An interactive exploration into how students use ebooks.
Seven years, three global surveys, 15,150+ responses all to better understand how students and researchers use ebooks. Will the data trends confirm or disprove your assumptions? Join this interactive discussion on student ebook usage, and leave with actionable insights to guide your ebook acquisition strategies and the services you offer.

avatar for Diana Peterson

Diana Peterson

Sr. Director of Product Management, Ebooks, ProQuest
Ebook acquisition, DDA, EBA, Access-to-Own, ebook user experience, ProQuest ebooks. I'm a mom of triplets about to head to university (3 different ones) so in both business & personal life, library resources are important to me!

Wednesday April 5, 2017 9:30am - 10:15am CDT
Room 301

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